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E & I Sales stocks a large variety of used electric motors ranging from 100HP – 5,000HP. We offer our inventory to be sold as-is, EOK, or re-built with a 1-year warranty. Our quick ship re-manufactured program offers a valuable solution that can be utilized by customers with the most sensitive delivery requirements. 


The following re-manufacturing process is taken to guarantee the highest level of quality and performance..


  • All surfaces (inside & out) to include stator, end bells, rotating assemblies and parts will be completely cleaned
  • All parts will be fully inspected
  • All parts will be epoxy primed and painted with a hard enamel finish


Electrical Inspection

  • Clean and recondition motor windings
  • Dip and bake motor windings in high tensile strength varnish treatment
  • Test motor windings to be tested for the following: 

           -D.C. hi-potential tests in accordance with NEMA standards
           -Coil surge comparison tests
           -Polarization index tests

Mechanical Inspection

The Rotor will undergo the following:

  • Tested for soundness
  • Checked for concentricity
  • Dynamically balanced in accordance with NEMA
  • On TEFC motors, fans are balanced separately of rotors
  • All mechanical fits will be checked to ensure proper tolerances
  • All ball bearing units will have new bearings

Final Assembly & Test Procedures

  • Run-In test at full voltage
  • Vibration analysis tests
  • Phase balance amperage checks, starting and unloaded
  • Bearing temperature checks
  • Magnetic center shaft scribe
  • Shaft run-out checked


  • All units will be shipped without oil
  • All sleeve bearing shafts will be blocked
  • Equipment will be skidded and packaged for shipment


A one- year warranty will be extended from the date of shipment as per our standard terms and conditions, unless otherwise specified