Field Contracting Services

E & I Sales has partnered with a major oil & gas contractor in an effort to be more of an asset to our customers. With the combination of our relationships at the factory, in the field, and our own control manufacturing capabilities, E & I Sales can be your one stop shop for project coordination and integration.


Our Project Development Group can provide the conduit you need to move your project from concept to startup. It is through a combined effort and support from our partners, that E & I Sales is able to cut down your number of phone calls and reduce the headaches that come with coordinating the electrical details by offering you a single point of contact for coordination and planning..

The following services are available upon request...

Transmission Lines

Sub Station

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Construction and maintenance up to 500kV and 120' structures
  • All materials and construction standards
  • Energized maintenance
  • Rough terrain capable
  • Construction, commissioning, and maintenance
  • Relays, protection, and controls
  • Preventative servicing

Site and Equipment Electrification


Site Construction

  • Site prep and installation of conduit, cable tray, bus duct, etc.
  • Site interconnecting wiring
  • Data transmission, communications, and PLC integration wiring
  • Site leveling and staging
  • Setting and pouring of foundation
  • Crane and heavy equipment coordination
  • Equipment placement and installation
  • Electrical equipment coupling services